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Credits + Liner Notes

Title: Salvation
Release Date: September 30, 2018
Artist: TIAYL
Genre: Neo Soul , R&B, Soul
Author/Songwriter: TIAYL (Xolisa Jerome)
Composer/Producer: TIAYL (Xolisa Jerome)
Accompanying Vocals: Chantal Rose & lighthaüs

Press release

September 30, 2018 (Toronto) – Written, produced and performed by the Toronto native, TIAYL makes her introduction to the world with her debut single, “Salvation”.

Salvation” stands as TIAYL’s affirmation, self-reminder and celebration of the power of love and its ability when chosen, to outweigh even the heaviest of hurts, to heal past the cruelest of acts and to elevate from the deepest of traumas as Black men and women, and as a collective of beings on a whole.

She holds nothing back in her songwriting and production – laying a raw and un-cut narration over a smooth, neo-soul groove that instructs the body to both dance and cry; to both rejoice and rage; to both rest and journey forward, all at the same time.

With this beautiful blend of truth and vibe, TIAYL unapologetically sets the standard for herself as a songwriter, vocalist and producer while holding true to what her name stands for: Trust In All Your Light.

On a mission to shed light on this world and its people, on our darkest of places within – beginning with herself, “Salvation” stands as the very first single off of the Trinidadian-Canadian’s forthcoming project to be released in 2019.

Love itself has no colour, but you and me we do – and there’s trauma and complexities from our history yes it’s true, yet we choose to love…we still choose to love”.


With a voice that weaves together the rawness of our reality and a smoothness that only she can exude - TIAYL is a force, all within herself, passionately dedicated to our individual and collective healing - with an unapologetic emphasis on the healing and forward progression of Black men and women.

The Toronto based artist defiantly delivers her message of love by any means necessary - lyrically potent as singer, emcee and producer.

She creates music that is strikingly uncut, unfiltered, yet possesses a deep groove that commands the body to move on demand. Flowing seamlessly between Neo-Soul, R&B, Hip Hop and afro house, TIAYL's music exists in the past, present and the future - all at the same damn time and her sound continues to unfurl itself with each stride that she makes.

TIAYL, which stands for "Trust In All Your Light" personifies her choice to hold herself accountable in believing in her purpose, while simultaneously inspiring others to do just the same, and as the Trinidadian- Canadian songwriter gears up to release her debut project in 2019, we sit back and experience just who this young woman is, in all her creative abilities.

Beautifully articulated.
Bold and gently uplifting.
Standing firm in every ray of her inner being.

To illuminate every corner of this world and shine a light on its people - their crooked places, their dark places, their ugly places, every sunken corner and every unhealed abyss that exists within us - where demons take refuge and where ego thrives on our pain.

To elevate our people through messages that force us, to face us.

Tiayl is here, in all of her light.




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