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Pronounced “Tie-yal”

Soul | Hip Hop | Afro House


With a voice that weaves together the rawness of our reality and a smoothness that only she can exude - TIAYL (formally performing under her birth name "Xolisa") is a force, all within herself, passionately dedicated to celebrating our individual and collective healing - with an unapologetic emphasis on the continued upward ascension and beauty of Black women and men.

TIAYL delivers her message of love by any means necessary - lyrically potent as singer, emcee, songwriter and producer, creating music that is a juxtaposition in itself. Her songwriting is strikingly raw, uncut and unfiltered - yet her production possesses a deeply nurturing and instinctive groove, together creating a sound that invites (or at time commands) listeners to face themselves and all their truths, while being comforted and held every step of the way.

Flowing intuitively between Soul, Neo-Soul, Hip Hop and Afro-House, TIAYL's music has a magical way of uprooting our deepest hurts, fears and traumas - while guiding us to a place where we can grant ourselves the permission to sit with those experiences, in love - despite the discomfort.

TIAYL, which stands for "Trust In All Your Light", personifies her choice to hold herself accountable in believing in her purpose, while simultaneously inspiring others to do just the same, and as the Trinidadian-Canadian songwriter pens us songs dedicated to her name sake, we sit back and experience just who this young woman is, in all her creative abilities.

Standing firm in every ray of her inner being to illuminate every corner of this world and shine a light on its people - their crooked places, their dark places, their ugly places, every sunken corner and every unhealed abyss that exists within us .

To elevate our people through messages that force us, to face us.

TIAYL is here, in all of her light.

The highlights listed below are accolades received during the period of 2018 to present, as TIAYL.

The highlights listed below are accolades received during the period of 2012 to 2017 before the re-brand, when TIAYL was formally performing under her birth name, “Xolisa”.

  • Two self-produced EPs: Rhyme Until My Spirit Needs No Words To Fly (November 2014) and A Beautiful Mind (December 2013) + 1 full-length album: And Gaps Do Lead To Bridges (2016)

  • A successfully completed 1 year international tour of the album, “And Gaps Do Lead To Bridges” (2016-2017). Cities include: Toronto, Ontario; Melbourne, Australia; Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago; Atlanta, Georgia; Brooklyn, New York; Montreal, Quebec; Ottawa, Ontario; Windsor, Ontario (Independently funded).

  • A 2015 Black Canadian Awards nomination for “Artist On the Rise”

  • A “Rising Artist” feature from Urbanology, Canada’s leading urban culture publication/website

  • "Free Fall", written and produced by TIAYL, featured in the short film, "Guard Your Peace", by screenwriter/director, Felicia Guy-Lynch

  • Performances with: Young Paris (Congo/New York), Denitia and Scene (Brooklyn) and Nitty Scott MC (New York), Melanie Durrant and Frankie Payne (Toronto)

  • She has performed locally, nationally and internationally in: Toronto (The Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Yonge- Dundas Square, Lee's Palace, Revival and The Harbourfront Centre – West Jet Stage); Melbourne, Australia (Bar Oussou, Grumpy's, and The Horse Bazaar); New York (Tsion Cafe and The Paperbox); Windsor (Phog Lounge); Ottawa (Origin Studio)

  • Recognition and airplay at influential campus, online and commercial radio from DJs in Canada, Europe and the United States, including Toronto DJ Mel Boogie who says Xolisa is, "One to Watch in the City"

  • A G98.7FM (Toronto) “Great Canadian Sound Clash” winner in 2015 on the, 100%CDN show

  • A feature performance at Manifesto’s (Toronto) 9th annual Hip Hop and community festival (2015)

  • Xolisa is a part of Canada's Music Incubator’s roster of artist entrepreneurs.

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